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PDC bit
Tricone bit
DTH hammer and bit
Top hammer bit,button bit
Shearer picks,coal mining bit
Drag bit
Tungsten carbide buttons
Drill rod,pipe
Pilot bit,coring bit

Add:   No.9,DongRang Rd,Hi-Tech Dev,Liaocheng,China

Email: info@bestdrilltools.com
Tel: +86 635 6029 2868/2899
 Fax:+86 635 60292867

      Shandong Bestdrill Rock Drilling Tools Co.,Ltd is located in Liaocheng, China,which is one of the biggest production.
      bases of the rock drilling bits with nearly 20 years manufacturing history. The group mainly produces “Bestdrill” brand rock drilling tools, including main nine series of PDC bit,DTH hammer and bit,Top hammer bit,button bit,Shearer picks,coal mining bit,Drag bit,Tungsten carbide buttons,Tricone bit,Drill rod,pipe,Pilot bit,coring bit.

The group maintains “Continuously Creating Great Service Va
akes orders of “Quality First, Consumers First”(12-07)
The group maintains “Continuously Creating Great Service Va(12-07)

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